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Martial arts practice offers numerous benefits to students, making it an excellent addition to any school curriculum. Firstly, martial arts promote physical fitness and overall well-being. Regular training enhances strength, flexibility, coordination, and cardiovascular health, helping students develop a strong and healthy body. Additionally, martial arts instill discipline and self-control by emphasizing respect, focus, and perseverance. These qualities not only improve students' behavior and attitude in the classroom but also carry over into other aspects of their lives, such as academic performance and personal relationships. Martial arts training also fosters mental and emotional resilience, teaching students how to handle stress, overcome challenges, and build self-confidence. Moreover, it cultivates important life skills such as goal setting, teamwork, and leadership, preparing students for future success. By incorporating martial arts into their educational program, schools can provide a holistic development platform that enhances physical, mental, and emotional well-being, empowering their students with valuable life skills that extend beyond the training mats.


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Our 6 or 12 week Mixed Martial Art (MMA) course can be completed up to 3 times in one academic year.


Successful candidates are awarded a medal on completion of each level, bronze, silver, and gold.

Bronze Medal – The candidate is expected to attend and participate in all activities. At the end of 6 weeks they must participate in a sparring activity of their choice or give a solo presentation of a newly learned skill to the group.


Silver Medal – The candidate must have an increased level of engagement in the activities offered, engage in regular sparring activity and have a positive report from their school reflecting their improved attitude and engagement at school.


Gold Medal – The candidate is expected to train and prepare for a belt promotion test and/or participate in a sporting event/competition in their own time. The candidate will need a positive report reflecting their improved attitude and engagement in school and at home. The ‘half term’ provision provides the opportunity to embed the course into your existing curriculum but also the flexibility to change pupils frequently depending on their engagement and the ‘full term’ provision incorporates Behavioural, Emotional and Social Development worksheets.

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